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We haven’t heard a banker say that in a while, at least not in the last five difficult years.  But that quote comes directly from a recent article in our local business newspaper.  The quoted banker was trying to make a point.  Once crushed by bad real estate loans, his bank has emerged stronger than ever with money available for lending, including loans to small and mid-sized businesses.


Public perception would tell you that banks are still reeling from the financial crisis; that bank examiners continue to place barriers between banks and their customers; that banks remain hunkered down for fear of making many of the same lending “mistakes” and getting penalized for risky underwriting.


In reality, we find this perception only partially true.  Yes, examiners are difficult, sometimes even unreasonable, and yes, there is still a fear of repeating questionable lending practices of the past.  But there is also a realization by bankers that loan growth must again lead them to profitability, only this time growth will extend beyond real estate lending to business equipment loans and leasing.  This is great news!  The path to loan diversification leads directly through small and mid-sized entrepreneurial companies.


As the economy continues to recover and business owners regain confidence, they will pull delayed growth plans from their shelves.  When they do, banks stand ready and willing to again loan idle funds.


In the future, we can expect more banks to scream “Come see us.  We’ve got cash to lend.”


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business leasing success approved
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