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Imagine yourself a resident of a small Kentucky town (population 2,500)–a spot that barely makes the map, but that is rich in local history and has at its helm a mayor who was born and raised in the town he now serves.

He loves the town and its people and wants to do right by them. Of particular concern to him last fall was securing funds to purchase a new fire truck for the volunteer department that serves a his town. Given the combination of the broad expanse of the district the volunteer fire department serves, and scarce resources, if a home or business were to catch fire, fighting it would be a challenge. At best, property lost; at worst, lives lost.

So the mayor set about seeing what he could do, figuring out costs and logistics, considering a bond issue, and finally securing a quote to lease a fire truck. However, he wasn’t quite satisfied with the quote, mostly because he wanted to work with his local bank, and he also needed to move quickly.

The local bank wasn’t entirely sure how to make it all work, so they reached out to a company they trusted to help them navigate the process–enter The Leasing Group.

When all was said at done, the mayor saved his beloved town $20,000 over a ten-year term, and the local bank funded The Leasing Group’s lease. In sports language, that’s called a win-win-win.

And at a very human level, it means the mayor and the people he serves can perhaps sleep a little better at night, knowing that if a fire does come, they’re equipped to fight it.

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