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Click here for a blog by Seth Godin called “Your Alphabet,” and then read on for some thoughts from TLG leadership on what it might mean for them.


Godin’s use of a printing press as a metaphor for life is pretty brilliant. Think about it–when we were young, first learning how to take in, process and then communicate back out everything around us, we developed new letters almost every minute of every day. We had to!

It seemed easy at five or six years old, even if only in retrospect. Now “creating letters” is hard work–it takes us out of our comfort zones, forces us to try new things and think in new ways (this can be exhausting).

The work’s worth it, though. And, when we find the new letter–the idea we’ve been dreaming about or the problem we’ve been anxious to solve–we realize how worth it.

This is certainly true for organizations, and TLG is no exception. The world doesn’t work quite the way it did when we first started up. We’ve had to learn new ways of doing things, and it hasn’t always been easy.

But it has been–and will continue to be–worth it.


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