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I will admit it.  Surfing the C-Span channels for economic debates on policy affecting employment is not everyone’s definition of fun.  Professor X wants more stimulus while director Y rails over failed stimulus of the past.  Senator Z argues in favor of fiscal constraint and a balanced budget while a panel of congressmen and women question the wisdom of lower spending during an anemic recovery.  Before long my head is exploding with conflicting arguments. 


What are we to believe amidst so much chatter, where every point of view has its supporters and detractors?  Is it possible to determine truth from fiction, given the arguments and information at our disposal?  After sorting through the pros and cons, I’ve assembled a list of recommendations.  While far from perfect, they seem worth considering.      


1.  Achieve energy independence.  Isn’t it time to put thousands to work by easing regulation on energy exploration, production and transportation, if we can do this safely?  The benefits….new jobs, 100% energy independence, millions of dollars pumped into our economy, and freedom from Middle East terrorist influenced oil.


2.  Train for tomorrow’s jobs.  How about creating a new class of interest-free student loans available to fund training for the high tech jobs of tomorrow, the jobs crying for talent?  A four year college degree is not for everyone.  Educating the lawyers, doctors, engineers, artists and psychologists is fine, but we must also train computerized machine tool technicians and digital press operators.


3.  Tax policy to reward “Made in USA” employment.  Bring the overseas manufacturing jobs back home and give them to anyone who wants to work.  With focused favorable tax incentives directed to the right companies, we can do this and employ Americans in the process.  What’s standing in the way? 


Is full employment possible?  Is a living wage possible?  Is a revitalized middle class possible?  I think so.  It’s simply a matter of agreeing on a job creation policy and implementing it.  No excuses acceptable.


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