By The Leasing Group

Get ready to take on the Bridges Project with an equipment lease

If you do business in the Louisville region, you’re aware of how significantly the Ohio River Bridges Project will affect commerce here. You’ve no doubt heard some of the negative backlash from various groups, but no one can deny that the Project is already having a positive impact on local economic development. Such a massive undertaking means job creation and business growth, plain and simple.

What you may not know is that Walsh and WVB, the lead contractors on the project, simply don’t have the capacity to get it all done on their own. They will each need to hire out much of the work to subcontractors, including excavation companies, concrete firms, pavers, structural engineers, steel fabricators… the list goes on. This could amount to pieces of the pie for hundreds of subcontractors throughout the Louisville and Southern Indiana area. Subcontractors need to be ready.

To take on a contract as large as the Bridges Project, a contractor might need to add 10 trucks to a two truck operation.  Such rapid growth will make it more difficult to obtain financing.  The Leasing Group can help.  Applying for an equipment lease is a viable option for any business that needs to grow in a hurry.  Contractors should consider getting pre-approved for lease financing… NOW!  A company poised and ready to take on a big job will be more attractive than one still needing to jump through financial hoops. 

The Leasing Group can also help a subcontractor bundle multiple leases on different types of equipment from different vendors. Rather than enter into lease financing with each individual vendor, let us put one lease in place for all your equipment needs. (LINK TO BUNDLE ARTICLE)

If you’re a contractor in the Louisville area who is looking to get in on the Bridges Project action, contact The The Leasing Group at (502) 547-2773 to find out how we can help position you above your competitors.