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Get a free lease term analysis

Have you recently started the process for equipment lease financing? We’re sure you’ve carefully looked over all the aspects of your lease, but we would also encourage you to take advantage of our expertise. The Leasing Group is offering a FREE lease term analysis, so why not let us look over your lease terms before you sign? Let us read the fine print so you don’t have to.

Many of our clients come to us, confident they have caught every loophole and technicality in their lease, only to find out that they are missing something buried in the deep recesses of such a substantial document.

For example, a commercial pharmacy client was all set to sign on the dotted line for a lease covering a medication dispenser. When the advisors at The Leasing Group examined the lease with our expert eyes, we found that the pharmacy was being double taxed. The sales tax had been assessed at the time of purchase, and then a second time in their lease payments. The additional cost would have exceeded $15,000.

Yes, these are some dramatic savings, and we can’t promise those results for every client. In fact, your lease is probably just fine. But why take the risk when you can get a free assessment? Call The Leasing Group today at (502) 547-2773. Or click
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