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Joel Peterson, Chairman of JetBlue Airways and Stanford Business School, finds humor in the numerous internet lists which promise a simple path to success, such as… “Develop these five traits and you will enjoy a rich and happy life.”  Instead, he offers another prescription…


“As fun as it may be, simply reading through grab bags of traits and attributes won’t ensure success in work and life.  The very reason success is elusive is that it still requires a lot of hard and often tedious work.  Not just daily work at the office, but the constant work of making ourselves into more effective, more adaptable, more thoughtful people.  That’s what it means to build character.  No secrets here.  Just hours, days, months, and years of persistence in doing what matters most, honoring commitments, and working well with others.” (Joel Peterson LinkedIn blog post, 10.24.13)


We have all been drawn to the easy road.  But there are no secret formulas here, rather years of persistence and hard work.  Fortunately, the reward of being “more effective, more adaptable, and more thoughtful people,” is worth the trip.

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