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As business owners we make many decisions everyday, most guided by our personal experiences and understandings.  I used to believe many of the statements below, might have even verbalized them once or twice when it was convenient.  Problem is…they’re rarely true.  Worse than that, believing them can get us in trouble.  It’s best to avoid them all together. 


  • We all heard the same thing.
  • Anyone with common sense can do it.
  • I can do it better by myself.
  • This trend will last forever.
  • People work best under pressure.
  • He’s difficult now but he’ll change over time.
  • They will be our customers for life.
  • Attitude is less important than aptitude.
  • Equity capital is cheap.
  • Everyone understands the plan.
  • It’s best not to tell our banker everything.
  • We don’t have any competition.
  • The market will come to us.
  • If there’s a problem we’ll hear about it.
  • There’s a right way and a wrong way.
  • Time is on our side.
  • I’m in control.
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