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Cycling is my favorite pastime.

It is not because of the colorful racing clothes, expensive bicycles or the chance to break record speeds. Those things are reserved for much younger and stronger legs. You’ll most often find me traveling through interesting neighborhoods, quiet parks and gently rolling hills surrounded by horse farms.

Sometimes, though, I find myself riding single file with a group of friends and I pretend I am in southern France competing for the Tour’s yellow jersey and a spot on the podium. Rounding curves I imagine the Italians in front and Spanish behind. My pace quickens when the French attempt a pass or those pesky boys from Brazil decide to attack. Sometimes I’m in the front breaking the wind for my team. More often I’m enjoying a back seat while the others do the heavy lifting. Nothing can describe how amazing it feels to be pulled along by others while exerting such little effort.

The Leasing Group is made up of small community banks trying to survive in a financial environment dominated by the big and powerful. We complete daily against superior resources as a modern day David against the Goliaths of banking. Community banks are known for their superior service and personal attention to detail. They also work together, as members of The Leasing Group alliance, offering a menu of equipment financing options and the greater financial capacity that comes with sharing the load.

It’s not unlike pulling up a steep hill. We do together what is more difficult to do alone. When that happens, the client always wins, and we all wear the yellow jersey.

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