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Malcolm’s life changed the day he strolled into a Barnes & Noble looking for something to read.  On that fateful day, he met Kathy Rackley near the “Best Seller” shelf with an arm-full of books.  Thinking she might be able to help him select something interesting, Malcolm struck up a conversation. Kathy did more than help.  She offered him an invitation.  Two weeks later she introduced Malcolm as the newest member of her book club…a club of all middle-aged women, each one older than Malcolm’s mother.


Recently, this African-American University of Georgia football star spoke openly about his new passion for reading with a USA TODAY sports reporter. Specifically, the reporter asked Malcolm to talk about his greatest achievement, the one thing that made him most proud.  Malcolm’s response was characteristically honest.


“That’s easy.  I just finished the Hunger Games books in just two days.”


“But what about last season’s touchdown catches for the Georgia Bulldogs,” asked the reporter?


“I’ve been a very fortunate athlete and I love football.  But football has always come easy for me.  Learning to read was really hard.  I guess as a kid I spent too much time playing outside.”


What is your greatest achievement in life?  Is it what you were born to do?  Or, like Malcolm Mitchell, did it require more courage, more hard work and more determination than you ever thought possible?


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buisness advice lexington
Malcolm’s Greatest Achievement