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Best selling author and speaker Seth Godin advocates the practice of patient listening, understanding, and cooperation in all aspects of work and play, including business.


“…every great treaty causes both signatories to change something substantial, something important, in exchange for accomplishing a bigger goal via cooperation…Your customers need an ambassador, someone who is open to hearing what they have, need and want, not merely a marketer intent on selling them a particular point of view.  Once you understand someone, it’s much easier to bring them something that benefits everyone.  The goal of a long-term relationship is to figure out what you’re giving up and what you’re getting in return.” (


So, are we marketers first, intent on selling?  Or, is it better to propose solutions only after we have first listened to what our customers want and need?  The answer seems so obvious, especially if our goal is to cultivate long-term relationships.  So why is it so rare?

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