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Businesses often tell us how surprised they are to discover how quick, easy and flexible lease financing can be.  They also comment on rates, asset encumbrances, purchase options and other variables related to equipment financing.


Here’s what they say about leasing after they discover the facts:


Lease End Purchase Options – “With a lease we can choose either a $1 purchase option or a stated purchase amount approximating fair value.  It’s nice to know the exact cost of either option before we make a decision.”


Encumbrances – “Bank loans come with strings attached, specifically covenants and UCC filings against everything we own.  Leases are typically secured only by the leased equipment, no other company assets.”


Soft Costs – “It’s good to know our lease can include IT software, equipment delivery, installation, sales taxes and other soft costs.    We wish we had known this sooner.”


Rates – “Manufacturers and suppliers provide quick and easy equipment financing, but often at high rates coupled with a variety of fees.  Local leasing companies are much more competitive.”


Simplicity – “We want quick response to our questions from knowledgeable people who care.  We’re much too busy to fool around with inefficient and unresponsive long-distant voice mail systems.  That just creates another hassle.”


These businesses are correct.  That’s why they stick with The leasing Group.


“The Leasing Group partners only with local community banks, so rates are always reasonable.  They cap purchase options, include all associated costs, respond quickly to questions and concerns and never tie up other company assets.  We’re sticking with them.”



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