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Jack Welch retired as General Electric’s Chairman and CEO in 2001 after a twenty year run, over which GE enjoyed unparalleled profitability and diversified growth.  During his tenure Welch was notoriously known for pruning the company of 10% of its lowest performing managers each year.  Investors and peers alike considered his bold honesty and decisive courage his greatest leadership qualities. 

Today Welch continues to write, teach and advise managers on the subject of leadership.  Below are the most destructive qualities he finds in POOR leaders: 

  1. A “know it all” attitude coupled with failure to listen to other points of view.
  2. Distant and detached behavior, often remote and un-engaging.
  3. Insensitive, hurtful and bullying comments directed to subordinates.
  4. A reluctance to make difficult decisions for fear of making mistakes.

On the flipside, Welch points to the shared traits of SUCCESSFUL leaders, qualities worth learning.  This list includes good listening skills, sensitivity, personal engagement, courage without arrogance and continuous self awareness. 

I’ve never seen or heard Welch include an Ivy League education, a high IQ, charismatic speaking ability, uncompromising personal ambition, overflowing self-confidence, or a blue-blood pedigree?  These qualities seem conspicuous by their absence.

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