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In 1865 Lincoln needed a two thirds majority of Congress to pass the 13th amendment abolishing slavery.  His cabinet said he would never get the votes.  Lincoln did it anyway.


In 1933 Franklin Roosevelt proposed radical new government programs to pull the country out of depression.  His legal advisors said these reforms were unconstitutional and would never pass a Supreme Court challenge.  FDR pushed them through Congress anyway.


In 1948 Mother Theresa asked the Church for permission to create the Missionaries of Charity, an organization to care for the poorest of the poor.  The Church warned it would be too demanding and unsafe.  Mother Theresa did it anyway.


In 1954 Walt Disney needed the Board of Disney to approve construction of Disneyland in AnaheimCalifornia.  The Board said the project was much too ambitious, that it would likely lead to financial ruin.  Disney did it anyway.


In 1996 Steve Jobs returned as Apple’s CEO to find his company nearly in bankruptcy.  Friends and associates said he was foolish to go back, that the company could not survive.  Jobs did it anyway.


Bold moves are not reserved for the famous.  Thousands of ordinary citizens do extraordinary things everyday in spite of loud opposition from those around them.  Clangs of “it can’t be done” and “it won’t work” and “it’s a waste of time and money,” are common, followed by, “it’s better to play it safe, think smaller, and wait for just the right time.”

Fortunately for us… they do it anyway.


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