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The typical lease agreement is six pages long, laced with legal terms and conditions spelling out the obligations of each party! This document is the product of a team of lawyers determined to disclose every suffocating detail.  Like so many legal contracts, a lease is best read late at night by those in search of sleep.   


Our lease is no exception.  It is well-crafted, specific and thorough, as it should be.  But, in spite of its importance, I can’t remember more than a handful of clients having ever read it. 


Do our clients lack the qualifications to read and ask clarifying questions?  Do they lack the time and energy to study our lease before they sign?  Are they intimidated by the legal detail?  With so much at stake, wouldn’t it make sense to have an attorney review every paragraph?  Instead, our clients typically flip through the pages in a matter of seconds, and then ask…“Is there anything in here I need to worry about?” 


Here is why:


  • Our clients know we will honor the terms we agreed to verbally.


  • Our clients know we will not add hidden fees and charges that change the economics of the transaction.


  • Our clients know we will not place liens or encumbrances on unrelated business assets.


  • Our clients know our early buyout provisions are fair and without penalty.


Trust takes time and effort to build over years of doing what we say we will do.  In the short term building trust can be costly.  But, long term nothing matters more.   Trust strengthens every relationship, while reducing the time and energy spent on doubt, fear and suspicion.  Cultivating mutual trust is the only way to do business. 

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