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“Will you be dining in with us today?”


“Please let us know if anything fails to meet your expectations.”


“Enjoy your lunch and have a great rest of the day”


“It’s been a pleasure serving you.”


These words are straight from an employee at a certain local restaurant…a “fast food” restaurant.  And they aren’t just words.  Based on its level of service, this restaurant really means what it says.


With so many horror stories related to bad customer service, superior service is a welcome change that grabs our attention every time.  How does one company do it when others can’t?  Do they only hire and train people how care?  There must be a logical explanation.


  • Perhaps caring employees are too hard to find.
  • Perhaps good service is not something that can be easily taught.
  • Perhaps customer service is difficult to practice consistently, no matter how intentional.



While all three possibilities have some validity, there might be another explanation, one having more to do with employers than the people they hire.


Could it be that most businesses really don’t care about superior service, at least not enough to invest company time and resources?  And, if employers don’t care, is it any surprise when their employees don’t care either?


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buisness advice 101
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