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As a small or medium-size business, you’re likely focused on community engagement and contributing to your local economy. So why would you go to a national financial institution when it comes time to finance your next equipment lease?

Like you, community banks are focused on developing partnerships at the local level. They want to boost commerce in their immediate region and help businesses like yours thrive. Their core mission is to channel financing to the neighborhoods where their customers live and work.

Local banks are more likely to take into account certain intangible factors when approving credit, such as a company’s reputation and the owner’s character. They take the time to consider issues that contribute to lower credit scores and they are more flexible in their credit requirements.

In many cases, businesses can get the same services at a lower cost through a local bank. Community banks offer most of the same services as their national counterparts, while maintaining fees and interest rates at lower levels.

Building a relationship with a local bank through equipment lease financing means you will have face-to-face relationships with a human being. You’ll have daily access to both loan officers and senior management.

Community bankers live alongside you in your community and have a distinct understanding of local needs. Decision-making is often faster, and your local banker will likely stick with you as your business grows and your equipment leasing needs ramp up

The Leasing Group has solid relationships with nearly all of the local banks. Contact us at (502) 547-2773, and let us secure local financing for your business equipment leasing needs.

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