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You’re a manufacturer who needs to invest in a conveyor system. Or you’re a doctor who’s in the market for some refurbished medical equipment. In both cases, it might make more sense to lease than purchase these items for your business. Sure, you can navigate the complicated waters of lease financing on your own, but that takes times and brainpower that would be better spent serving your customers or treating your patients.

The Leasing Group wants you to know you’re not alone. We can ease the burden of equipment lease negotiation and let you get back to work.

Here are few ways we go above and beyond to help you lease the equipment that enables you to serve your customers.

1. Put your best face forward. The Leasing Group can analyze your financial statements and credit history and present them in a way that will maximize your success. In other words, we know what to look for in your financials that will cast you in the best light to our partner lenders. We know what banks want to see on paper, and we can highlight the most essential information when we plead your case for lease financing.

2. One size does not fit all. We use our years of expertise to determine the best type of lease that will best meet your company’s needs. For example, we can determine if you would best be suited to enter into a capital lease or an operating lease. For accounting purposes, these two types of leases are very different. Both types offer specific advantages and disadvantages. A capital lease works as if you own the asset, whereas in an operating lease, you have usage — but not ownership — rights to the equipment. We can also determine if there are other leasing options available to you that you may not even be aware of.

3. Get help with used equipment. Leasing used or refurbished equipment can be challenging. Financial institutions don’t like the liability involved in leasing items that are not brand new. The terms may be more complex, and the negotiations may be more difficult and involve a lengthier process. The Leasing Group has years of experience with used equipment leasing, and we are specially positioned to smooth out a potentially rocky journey.

4. Get a break on your payments. In our negotiations with lenders, we can work out skipped, seasonal or deferred payments during the term of your lease, which can help ease the financial ebbs and flows of your business. A skip lease, or seasonal payment structure allows you to make payments only during certain months of the calendar year. This option is great for businesses that have seasonal highs or are more cyclical in nature. In a deferred lease payment structure, your payments are deferred for a set period of time so you can generate some income through the use of the equipment you’ve leased. The Leasing Group can help you determine if one of these payment options is best for you.

5. Bundle small leases. If you need several small items from multiple vendors, The Leasing Group can negotiate one lease contract that has a single monthly payment. Bundling is a great option with its own unique benefits. We talked about bundling in an earlier article.

6. Leverage our relationships to your advantage. The Leasing Group’s finance experts have a combined 100+ years of experience, and these veterans have solid relationships with local banks. When The Leasing Group talks, banks listen because they trust us and our track record. We are delighted to be able to leverage those relationships to help you get the most competitive, advantageous equipment lease financing available.

The Leasing Group wants to be a partner for all your lease financing needs. Give us a call at (502) 547-2773 to find out how we can help guide your business through an equipment lease.

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