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The Extra Mile – Land of Opportunity

The English Dictionary defines “going the extra mile” as…”doing more than expected or required to achieve something, expecting nothing extra in return.”


Who doesn’t love having an “extra mile” person on the team?  We might even think of ourselves as “extra mile” people from time to time.


So, why is going the extra mile such a rare occurrence?  Maybe it’s because extra mile effort is simply too demanding.  Maybe it’s because going the extra mile requires extreme thoughtfulness, superior creativity, unrelenting determination, personal sacrifice and self discipline.


Extra mile people are those who solve customer problems without waiting to be asked.  They look for ways to serve and then follow through when others have long since left the building.  Their hands shoot up when called to volunteer and they don’t leave until the job is completely done.  They do what’s necessary, not just what’s required, even on their own time.


Going beyond the expected can be a very lonely place and few accept the challenge.  But the “extra mile” is a magical place too, a place filled with opportunity for those with the courage and determination to go there.


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