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#1 Best Idea for Business Expansion

#1 Best Idea:   Allow businesses an option to write-off 100% of the cost of new equipment purchases in the year of purchase.  Good idea, right?


Oops, we had that already.  It was known as IRS depreciation “Section 179” and allowed a 2013 deduction up to $500,000 plus a 50% bonus depreciation on purchases over $500,000.


What an incredible windfall! 


Unfortunately this super generous tax code provision all but expired completely on December 31st last year.  Party over!  It died without as much as a whimper.  The new limit is now only $25,000, a paltry sum by any standard and hardly worth mentioning.  Bonus depreciation is gone too.


So what’s a business to do?  Gifts from the IRS don’t come around that often.  Sometimes we appreciate them most after they’re gone.


Leasing to the rescue! 


Businesses can still deduct 100% of their leased equipment over the lease term, provided they request a “true lease.”  Yes, it’s true, even when leases are capitalized for book accounting purposes (and most are), they can still be 100% tax deductable


Who stands to benefit most?  Profitable proprietorships, partnerships, sub S companies and LLC’s, where taxable profits flow through to individual owners in high tax brackets. 


Don’t delay…this popular tax break might expire soon too! 


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More Experience, More Sources, More Approvals

By The Leasing Group

Five Questions before you Quit Your Day Job

Thinking of launching a new business?  Better first ask yourself these five questions:


  1. You’re in an elevator with a total stranger.  The stranger asks you about your business idea.  Can you explain what you sell, who you sell to and why they buy from you, before the elevator stops at the next floor?  You have just twenty seconds.  A short, crisp, understandable message is your first step to success. 


  1. You love good food and you love to eat it, so you decide to open a restaurant.  Do you also love working in the kitchen, managing difficult people, and paying attention to every detail from perfectly bleached table cloths to perfectly seasoned quiche?  When your strengths align with your interests and passions, anything is possible.     


  1. You’re willing to work hard.  You consider yourself a high achiever and top employee.  Can you also get up and go when no one requires you to get up and go, stay focused on the vision when no one else sees it, and refuse to quit when you are obviously failing?  Unrelenting determination is your best friend.


  1. You easily sailed through high school with above average grades and numerous compliments from admiring friends and teachers.  Did you also excel in sports, serve on the student council, play first chair violin, captain the debate team, or run a successful mowing business after school while delivering newspapers in the mornings?  A history of personal achievement will bolster your confidence at just the right times. 


  1. You are recognized as one who quickly digests complex ideas, communicates them effectively, understands how they apply and turns them into productive action.  Are you also driven to continuously set new goals, rarely satisfied with the status quo and always searching for the next learning opportunity ahead?  Humble curiosity coupled with 20/20 vision might just give you the edge to succeed.



best business funding leasing
#1 Best Idea for Business Expansion